Svend Asmussen - Embraceable

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Inklusive moms.

Svend Asmussen: violin 
Georges Arvanitas: piano
Patrice Caratini: bass
Charles Saudrais: drums

In 1987 when he was a young man of 70, Svend Asmussen played a gig in a small club in Paris. This year, on the eve of his 100th birthday, the Danish violinist rediscovered a tape made of the evening for a Parisian radio station. He says: "I assumed it would be just another radio show which I wouldn't care to hear again. But when it was transferred to CD, it was a revelation. 

"It was a night with three excellent musicians who I had never played with before. It was quite a difficult gig for a 70-year-old: first set at 11pm, second at 12.30 and third at 2am. We didn't have a rehearsal. I had a few things scribbled down but I don't think anyone looked at them. They just played. 

"The radio man casually mentioned, 'And by the way, the concert will be broadcast live so would you please announce the whole thing in French,' which I did."