Carsten Dahl - Solo Piano / Dreamchild

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Carsten Dahl - piano

Carsten Dahl, one of Scandinavia’s most sought after pianists, is now ready with a new, inspired album of improvisational jazz.

“Dreamchild” is different from Dahl’s earlier works. With a meditative approach his goal is to convey the childlike ability to completely immerse oneself in the moment. According to Dahl, this state of wonder and curiosity is harder to achieve as an adult – but through these unique improvisations the listener is invited into this melodious place.

This is a very personal piece of work from Carsten Dahl, so it was only natural that the only other contributors on the album are his own daughters – Anne Sofie Abildskov Dahl on violin and Celina Sørine Dahl on piano.